Wall Mounted Folding Ironing

Boards & Brackets


Our folding furniture designs are a combination of concept and craftsmanship that offer fresh, contemporary solutions to utilize space more efficiently and minimize clutter in the home or workplace.  We favour simplicity of design and this has inspired us to create pieces which achieve a perfect balance between functionality, quality and convenience.


From our Deluxe Wall Mounted Ironing Board station and the smaller Compact Ironing Board, to our innovative folding hardware the Eureka MFG wall mounted folding brackets, our aim is to make folding wall mounted products that are space efficient ,functional ,stylish and beautifully crafted.

Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

These are our Compact Wall Mounted Folding Ironing Boards. These handy ironing boards can be attached to a wall or suitable fixing surface and they fold up into the operating position and down into the storage position. The cover is made from cotton and has a metallic silver coating on the ironing surface which is suitable for steam irons in a domestic use setting. The board is made from furniture grade birch plywood.

Deluxe Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

Simple, stylish and efficient. The Wall Mounted Folding Deluxe Ironing Board hides an essential part of every home out of sight while remaining at hand for when it is needed. Designed to be easy and quick to use and to put away. Save time and space allowing you to get back to what matters. Our colour Deluxe range come in a variety of colours that allows you to buy the perfect ironing board cabinet for you and your tastes.

Wall Mounted Folding Brackets

The Eureka MFG Wall Mounted Folding Brackets are great for creating small folding tables, chairs, folding shelves and benches. You can use these brackets to make the best use out of limited space, by allowing folding tables, chairs, countertop extensions, shelves, benches and so on to be fixed easily and securely to the wall with very little effort. The brackets can be linked together with one release handle and as many as 6 to 8 brackets can be connected together. Regain space in your home or workplace with our wall mounted folding brackets easily and with little to no maintenance required, the wall mounted folding brackets are also great for commercial and industrial use.

Wall Mounted Folding Decorply Tables

Our new Wall Mounted Folding Table can be used in small or large spaces, eliminating the clutter of conventional furniture. When not in use the product folds down neatly against the wall. Available in two convenient sizes to suit a variety of applications. The wall mounted table is supplied fully assembled and ready for installation at your desired location. Installation is simple and easy and the wall mounted folding table can be conveniently fixed to a masonry or timber-frame wall.