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Introduction to Eureka MFG Wall Mounted Brackets

Hi, My name is Joe. My role at Eureka MFG finds me in the design of our products and generation of the drawings and 3D renders you will see here. As we are a relatively small outfit, I have other roles on the frontline, so it is likely that when you contact us or place an order, I will be your point of contact.

I hope to produce some interesting and informative blogs for you in the future, where I will demonstrate some possible ways our brackets can be used and show you some technical solutions that I have been presented with over the past few years, stuff we have never had the time to put in one place that would serve as a good point of reference. Up till now we had been sharing the data through a google drive which is not ideal. If you have any suggestions on a blog topic that you would like covered, let us know.

We are delighted to introduce our wall mounted folding brackets, if you haven't seen them before. In the development of the brackets, we looked at the market surrounding space saving ideas and furniture and came up with our own iteration on the folding bracket. The design process brought us to the product you can see above. They are highly versatile and have linkable system that can be released from one single release handle which is a market first. The brackets fold into themselves to produce a slim projection from the wall of just 7/8".

We currently have 4 sizes available, the size referring to their depth from the wall to the tip of the bracket, the 14.5", 19", 23" and 28" deep bracket. We are in the process of finalising another smaller size bracket due to many requests to produce a bracket that would be capable of catering for a 12" deep counter top or side board, more about that later. The standard brackets are made from mild steel, which we source locally in Ireland and they are then zinc plated to give a brushed chrome finish.

We have also introduced a stainless steel version of the brackets based on demand, we now have a small stock of 14", 23" and 28" brackets. The 19" bracket should be along soon.

For more details of the brackets, we have assembled a comprehensive FAQ section that covers most of the questions I have encountered. It is not the finished arcticle, some links are missing at the moment, I was hoping to link them to a blog post, so, if you need any information from the missing links, just let me know, I can forward them to you. The bracket specification sheets can be found here. I hope to have a new post very soon, see you again.

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