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This is our Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board with a Zinc Plated Silver Mounting Plate and Hinge. This version does not have a built in iron rest because you might already have an iron mount or might prefer to get your own unit that can store the iron as well.


The ironing board folds down against the wall when not in use through an easy to use single click mechanism. The cover is made from cotton and has a metallic silver coating on the ironing surface. The board is made from furniture grade birch plywood. The parts are all locally sourced in Ireland and they are handmade with great care to ensure you will not be disappointed.


It can be easily mounted on a single timber stud or to a masonry wall. It can be installed at a height that is convenient to you, bearing in mind that the minimum mounting height would need to be 33" to make sure it doesn't hit the floor. This one is a favorite for so many people that do not want the hassle of lugging around or storing the conventional stand alone ironing board.


The board is 32" long by 12" wide, making it a perfect size for those quick ironing jobs and small enough to be out of your way when not in use. Ideal for small spaces. Replacement covers are available, although they generally last a really long time.


Installation instructions are available from the main menu above or by clicking here.

Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Board with Zinc Silver Mounting Plate

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