Eureka MFG

This is our Deluxe Wall Mounted Ironing Board with a Grey (c. RGB 81,77,92) Semi-Gloss Hand Painted Cabinet. The closest HEX color reference is #514d5c and the RBG is approximately 81,77,92. The inside of the cabinet is painted in RAL 7047.


This ironing station comes with a fold down ironing board that is covered with a metallic silver cotton cover, it includes a built-in folding iron rest. The board and cabinet are made from furniture grade birch plywood and the frames are assembled and prepared to give a gloriously smooth surface. The door is made from medium density fibreboard (MDF) to eliminate the possibility of warping. The door is fixed to the cabinet using a continuous silver plated piano hinge. A magnet is provided to keep the door closed and the opening method is achieved by the very slight lip created by the doors positioning, slightly overhanging the opening side cabinet edge. The door can be specified for left hand side or right hand side (as you would view the cabinet fixed to the wall)


As with our other ironing boards, the parts are all locally sourced in Ireland and they are handmade. This unit can be easily mounted on a single timber stud or to a masonry wall. It can be installed at a height that is convenient to you. A great space saver that will satisfy your ironing needs.


The board is 42" long by 12-1/4" wide. The overall cabinet size is 48-1/4" tall by 14-7/8" and just 3" deep (wall projection, including door). Ideal for small spaces.


Replacement covers are available, although they generally last a really long time. The installation instructions can be found here.



Deluxe Wall Mounted Ironing Board with Grey (c. RGB 81,77,92) Cabinet

    • Grey (c. RGB 81,77,92) Semi-Gloss Hand Painted Cabinet
    • Includes Built-in Iron Rest
    • Handmade in Ireland from only the best materials that have been locally sourced
    • Metallic Silver Cotton Cover with protective coating on the operational side (Suitable for Steam Irons in a domestic use setting)
    • Easy open and close with a magnetic door catch and catch to prevent the ironing board from falling accidently
    • Folds down into the operating position and folds up into the storage position
    • Comes Pre-assembled and ready to mount to a wall or suitable timber stud, no assembly is required
    • The overall unit measures 48-1/4" tall by 14-7/8" and just 3" deep so when you fix it to a wall the projection will be just 3" including the door
    • Can support a weight of 33 lbs
    • Standard 1 year guarantee on parts and workmanship